110mm Soil Push Fit System

All soil fittings will fit all 110mm nominal diameter pipes. Amazon soil fittings conform to BS EN1329-1 and are manufactured using best practice laid down by ISO 9001 standards.

Description Code
thumb-1 Double Socket Coupler ASC
thumb-1 Single Socket Bend 45º ASBS45
thumb-1 Single Socket Bend 90º ASBS90
thumb-1 Double Socket Junction 45º ASJD45
thumb-1 Double Socket Bend 45º ASBD45
thumb-1 Double Socket Bend 90º ASBD90
thumb-1 Double Socket Junction 90º ASJD90
thumb-1 Triple Socket Junction 90º ASJT90
thumb-1 Soil Access Junction DS ASAJ
Description Code
thumb-1 Triple Socket Junction 45º ASJT45
thumb-1 Soil Access Pipe DS ASAP
thumb-1 Soil Screwed Access Cap ASAC
thumb-1 Soil Access Bend SS ASAB
thumb-1 Soil Air Admittance Valve AAAV
thumb-1 Pipe Clip ASPC
thumb-1 Cowl ASVC
thumb-1 Strap Boss ASB
thumb-1 Strap Boss Adaptor 32mm 40mm ABA32 ABA40

Add the following colour codes for soil fittings:
BL = Black, GR = Grey, WH = White

Inspection Chambers

450mm 320mm

110mm Underground


160mm Underground


110mm Soil