160mm Underground Push Fit System

All underground fittings are terracotta and will fit all 160mm nominal diameter pipes. Amazon underground fittings conform to BS EN1401-1 and are manufactured using best practice laid down by ISO 9001 standards.

Description Code
thumb-1 coupler / slip coupler (double socket) UG10160 / UG12160
thumb-1 15º bend (single socket) UG28160
thumb-1 30º bend (single socket) UG26160
thumb-1 45º bend (single socket) UG24160
thumb-1 90º bend (single socket) UG22160
thumb-1 45º junction (double socket) UG47160
thumb-1 90º junction (double socket) UG44160
Description Code
thumb-1 solvent weld socket / socket plug UG117160 / UG111160
thumb-1 15º bend (double socket) UG20160
thumb-1 30º bend (double socket) UG18160
thumb-1 45º bend (double socket) UG16160
thumb-1 45º junction (triple socket) UG38160
thumb-1 45º junction 160mm x 110mm (double socket) UG49160
thumb-1 90º junction 160mm x 110mm (double socket) UG48160

Inspection Chambers

450mm 320mm

110mm Underground


160mm Underground


110mm Soil